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What if you could explore the reasons behind your unhappiness and  through the process learn how to live happier and more empowered?

The Option Process® dialogue helps us unravel and challenge the beliefs that support our thinking that we don't have a choice in the way we feel; that the responses we have to the world around us are automatic. It helps us question why we see ourselves as victims and decide whether that is the best way for us to go about taking care of ourselves and getting what we want in life.

As an Option Process® Mentor, certified by The Option Institute®, Roe Di Bona will help you help yourself to be happier and more confident; to feel more effective and to be more successful.

Roe Di Bona, Dialogues EmpowerRoe will guide you through an exploration of the beliefs you have about relationships, parenting, weight loss, sleeplessness, finances, career changes, health challenges, death, sexual assault, substance abuse and depression.  Exploring your reasons for your beliefs will make it possible for you to shed layers of unhappiness, so that you can be more comfortable, energized and engaged.

Using the non-judgmental questions that are part of the Option Process® dialogue, individuals and couples explore what they want in their relationships and ask for what they want without using fear or anger.

Parents learn how to communicate with their children by loving and accepting themselves and their children without judgment, building open, rich and joyful bonds.

Business owners benefit from the dialogue because of how useful it is in establishing accountability and open communication in the workplace.  Both business owners and employees learn how to discuss ideas or differences with greater clarity, accuracy, and comfort, encouraging an environment where honesty is celebrated and rewarded.

Living your life empowered is being aware of how you feel, what you want, and what you do.  It’s knowing that you are choosing how you respond at any given moment. Ownership is powerful.

By taking ownership of the way we feel and act, we can decide to change the way we see the world around us and discard the beliefs that fuel our unhappiness in an instant.

Recognizing how we use beliefs is the most liberating and exciting part of the Option Process®.  Beliefs are the filters through which we see the world; they are the conclusions we draw about the things that we focus on in order to make sense of our lives.

When we come to know that we are the only ones who make ourselves unhappy, we come to know that we are the only ones who can decide not to.  We live our lives comfortable with ourselves and the people around us.  We enable ourselves to accomplish everything we want to do with more intention and focus.  Knowing that we are the sole creators of our happiness or unhappiness, we live our lives empowered.